The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis is a collection of letters from “a senior to a junior devil”. The letters are a total opposite of the Holy Bible with God being regarded as “The Enemy”. Whatever that is extolled in the book is actually the opposite of what the Bible commands. It is clever in the sense that it doesn’t go all preachy and “thou shall not”, but instead it challenges the readers with a view from “the other side”.

C. S. Lewis sharpness in his observations of humanity and his understanding of what being a Christian really means is reflected in these letters. It takes me as a Christian on a journey of self-discovery. It also reminds us on how easy it is to be used for works which are not of God’s, on what evil could actually be.

The wicked witch doesn’t have to be the old lady on a broom, laughing hysterically away. The wicked witch could be just the Christian who failed to help her neighbour in need. The wicked witch need not be the person who started the war. The wicked witch could manifest its work in those who lost sight of God in times of need.


Home Is Where The Heart Is?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

How I wish that “Home Is Where The Heart Is” is true. Perhaps there is a certain degree of truth to this phrase. A home is where our heart would like to be, after a long day at work. A home is where we can recuperate, whether emotionally or physically. A home is a place where we can call our own, where we can be ourselves, where we can let our guard down. Home is where we spend quality time with loved ones, so most likely our homes are filled with various knick knacks. For me, the five things which makes the house I am living in, my home are:

  1. Books. They are the few earthly possessions which I brought along with me when I moved into my husband’s house after we got married. Since then, I have accumulated more and we are running out of space to keep them. But they are part of me, and I take comfort in knowing that they are around.
  2. Photos of loved ones.
  3. An oven. I would like to say kitchen appliances, because the kitchen is the heart of the home and an empty kitchen would mean an empty heart, no? However, there are just too many appliances in the market nowadays, so if I must narrow it down to one, it would be the oven to bake and fill the home with freshly baked bread or cake.
  4. CDs or any form of music storage.
  5. A musical instrument. Not just for decoration purposes, but to fill the home with beautiful sounds of music, singing, and dancing.

I am currently reading Room by Emma Donaghue, and it strikes me how having been confined to the same room throughout all his life changes the perspective of a five-year-old towards things. To this boy, the room is his home, and all the items in it are his friends.

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