The Elusive Miniaturist

I haven’t been reading well (to be interpreted as not reading as much as I would like to) this year. I set a goal of reading 20 books this year, but as of today I only managed to finish a miserable amount of 2 books. It has been four months since I last posted, which means it has been four months since I last sat down and properly finish a book.

I started reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton quite a few months back, but I got distracted along the way. I was attracted to this book mainly because of my love for Amsterdam, a city which I visited six years ago during winter. The Miniaturist is set in seventeenth century Amsterdam and tells the story about seventeen-year-old Petronella from the countryside who was arranged to marry  the rich middle-age merchant Johannes Brandt in Amsterdam. Partly a mystery, partly a social commentary, this book revolves around the secrets that the Brandt household keeps and how Petronella grows from a naive helpless child-bride into a woman forced to be in charge of the household that she marries into.IMG_1486

Although highly-acclaimed, I find that there are not much depth to the characters although their stories appear to suggest otherwise. The main question is left unanswered (I shall not say more to avoid spoilers). There are plots and twists, but overall the read is bumpy. I do enjoy the book, otherwise I would not have been able to finish it at all. But I do not intend to keep the book; it shall go to the pile of books to be exchanged at the neighbourhood book exchange programme.


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