My 2015 in Books, and What to Look Forward in 2016

Last year, I set a target of 18 books to read in year 2015. I was feeling very ambitious when I chose that particular number. I even wrote a pretty detailed reading plan for 2015, categorized by month, genre, book clubs and reading challenges. It started off well but quickly went downhill as life catches up. At one low point, I read (for pleasure) for about 2 months.

Same time, this year, I reviewed my year 2015 in books with my Goodreads account. Somehow I managed to hit the 18 books, thanks to my children’s bedtime stories. Needless to say, my detailed plan was chucked out of the window. I contemplated on doing the same for 2016, but decided against it because I do not want to spend the same amount of time and energy again on my over-ambitious (and greedy) intentions.

Photo 17-09-2012 12 30 52

Therefore, in 2016, there will be no crazy meticulous reading plans. Instead, there will be a commitment to read and write about it in this blog. There will be a motivation to be more active in the book clubs which I joined in Goodreads. Most importantly, there will be a determination to make reading a beneficial and enjoyable activity instead of a chore and another item on the to-do list.

What are your resolutions for your reading life in 2016? Are you taking up any of the reading challenges? Or do you just pick up what comes your way? Whichever way you choose to do it, let’s read!


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