Lying or Manic Depression?

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is most likely to be the last book that I am able to finish this year. Being in the young adult genre, I never expected the book to have such a gloomy tone to it. Reading the book is meant to be like listening to the protagonist telling the story, and I read (or hear?) about severe headaches, suicidal intentions, heartbreaks and first love.


We Were Liars is an account of what happened during summer 2015, according Cadence Sinclair Eastman, a teenager from an affluent family who spends her summer holidays on a private island with her cousins. As the title suggests, we can expect that part of the story is a lie, but which one? The shocking revelations come at the end of the book, and it leaves me with a surreal feeling of “how could it turn out like this”? Spoiler ahead: It’s like listening to your friend talking for hours and then realizing that at least three-quarter of the story is not what you thought it is. Feeling heady?

Well, lies or not, We Were Liars is cleverly written. It also poses some valid questions on more serious topics such as old money and broken families. It is not too difficult to read, obviously, since it is a young adult fiction. It may not be as layered in meanings as John Green’s Fault in Our Stars, but still clever nonetheless.

Who should read it: Young adults, anyone who is in for an easy but clever read.

Who should give it a pass: Those who are looking for serious literature stuff.



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