Read: Of Mice and Men

I brought this book along with me when I had to see the dentist last Saturday, knowing that it would be a long wait before I could get to confirm the cause of my toothache. I chose John Steinback’s Of Mice and Men because it was thin, so I ambitiously hoped to finish it within a day or twoof mice and men, or maybe even in one sitting (in the dentist’s office). Well, I read two-third of this short novel within that one-and-a-half hour wait, and finished the rest within half and hour yesterday. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of helplessness, sadness and loneliness packed into such a small volume. I was slightly disappointed with the portrayal of the role of women, but I supposed this is common in that era. I couldn’t say more, just that the ending was tragic. This thin little book has the power to leave a lasting impression on its readers, so do not be fooled.


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