Read: Me Before You

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Initially I was hesitant about picking up this book. It looked like chick lit, and I was getting a bit tired of usual themes in chick lit. But Me Before You by Jojo Moyes has good reviews, and it’s one of the books to read in 2015 before its movie release. I was surprised to see it in the library (they usually do not have chick lit selections), and I brought the copy home. I started and I couldn’t stop.

The plot is slightly familiar – Will Traynor was a highly successful man who became a quadriplegic from a motorcycle accident (he was the “innocent pedestrian”, as he said it). His family is very well-off, and they decided to employ someone to help him around the house and to keep him company. Louisa Clark was a happy-go-lucky kind of chatty girl who just lost her job at the cafe which was closing down. Due to lack of options, she reluctantly took up the job with the Traynors and the story picked up from there.

Ultimately, this is a love story but it is not as corny as I thought it was. The characters were well-developed, and at the end of it, I fell in love with both Will Traynor and Louisa Clark. Will was smart and witty whereas Louisa was bright, funny and interesting. Moyes also offered some insights into the thoughts of the other characters in the book – Will’s mother Amanda, Will’s nurse Nathan and Louisa’s sister Katrina. I find Amanda’s most interesting as she is not as steely as she appeared to be, and that is often true with us in real life.

I am glad that I finished reading this book, at this time of the year. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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