Fall in Love in a Book

Reading is not about the looks.

I just finished reading Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You, and the quote above fits just right with the book. I can only imagine the characters’ looks, good looking or not. I can only imagine their physical appearances, their height, their stature, the way they carry themselves. But I fell in love with Will Traynor’s wittiness, his sarcasm towards Louisa Clark, his intelligence, his heart. I have not met him in person, but I felt like I know him better than a lot of my friends. I fell in love with Louisa Clark, her sense of fashion, her straightforwardness, her character. I laughed at her thoughts and her jokes. I cried when I read the sad parts. That, is the power of a good book.

Happy Friday! It’s not the Valentine’s Day weekend yet, but reading Me Before You has prepared me well … in the mood for love!


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