Who I Am, Why I’m Here

I missed several first few days of Blogging 101. I was all exhausted fighting a high fever and swallowing painful gulps due to tonsillitis, and any form of reading or writing was the last thing on my mind. Now I am inching slowly back into blogosphere, and trying to catch up with some missed homework here. I searched for the first few posts of Blogging 101 January 2015, and found out that I was supposed to write about “Who I am, why I’m here”. So, yeah.

Who I Am

I am a postgrad student who loves to read and, to a lesser extent, write. I am a mother of two young children and I am still trying to make sense of all the parenting theories out there, while training my will power on not to yell at my toddlers’ tantrums. I am not a photographer, but I take photographs with a DSLR and hope to be better at it.

Why I’m Here

I have been blogging for the past ten years, at least. My first blog was titled “Walls and Bridges”. I picked that name because I hoped to connect, and at the same time tried to construct some appropriate boundaries wherever necessary. At that time, I naively wrote about everything under the sky; in retrospect my readers must have been bored to death. Ever read about a teenager’s rantings about the lunch she had, the traffic jam, the colour of lipstick she chose? Yep, I sounded almost like that. So I stopped for some time after realizing how horrid my writing was.

Then I found WordPress. I love the way they took blogging seriously, and I enjoy reading blogs of substance. I love blogs which build upon my own passion for reading and literature. I want to be inspired by good writing by “normal people”, not just published authors, so that I feel that perhaps I could do it too.

So I’m here because I want to improve my writing. I want to share about what I read, in my own words, and I hope to be better at it as days go by. I also want to keep some kind of a public record of the books which I encountered, because I believe that reading is a pleasure to be shared. These are why I’m here. I will be writing about books (of course!), thoughts or quotes which inspires, my academic pursuits (only occasionally), and some of my domestic pursuits.

What about you?


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