My Reading Challenge in 2015

Hooray! I met my target of publishing four posts last week! So that’s the power of an editorial calendar and, of course, self-discipline.

I digressed.

We’re now in the final one week of year 2014. It’s the season of celebrating, reflecting and planning. I’ve been working on the planning bit for the past three weeks, especially on my reading and writing life. These two have been taking a backseat for the past three years due to a shift in priorities but now I am trying to work out something. To kick-start what I have been planning is this announcement of my reading challenge for 2015.

2015 Reading ChallengeHonestly, I’ve already started on some of the listed books previously, at some point in my life. However, I couldn’t finish them due to various reasons – their intimidating number of pages (Anna Karenina), the required amount of imagination (Chronicles of Narnia), a level of maturity (To Kill a Mockingbird). I consciously chose the books to expand my reading selection and to challenge myself to be more well-read. I have to move on from the easy-to-reads and can-quickly-finish to the truly-exhilarating and very-well-written.

What is on your reading challenge list?


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