Should Read, Should Write

I love lists. Writing down my list of to-do’s give me a sense of calm amidst the various deadlines as a student and never-ending chores as a wife, mother, and as a person. As a bookworm, I like to browse through lists of books to read before I die, greatest books of all time, best books of the year (especially at this time of the year), and so on. However, going through such lists can be time-consuming and even mind-boggling at times. I once tried to compile and make one nice list out of the many which I found on the Internet, and I ended up with a spreadsheet of mismatched titles and authors. So guess what I found today? An interactive chart on novels everyone should read, compiled from sources such as The Time and the Pulitzer Prize. Isn’t it beautiful? And top on the list is… *drums roll*… To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Coincidentally, it is one of the books in my 2015 Reading Challenge (which will be posted here soon).

I signed up for the Blogging 101 by Daily Post which will be starting on 5th January 2015. I am so excited! To be honest, I am not new to WordPress, and certainly not a first-time blogger; been posting on my blogs for at least the past 10 years. But after reading one of the posts in the Blogging University series, I am motivated to be more intentional in my blogging. And I also want to do it with a purpose. This is the second time that I signed up for an online course (if this could qualify as one). My first one was on Action Research, and I must admit that the most challenging part with online courses is discipline and accountability. There is no instructor or lecturer to peek over your shoulder to make sure that you are doing work in the classroom. But I am going to give it a try anyways.


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