Read: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

Rob Fleming listed his top five most memorable split-ups after his latest (now) ex-girlfriend Laura walks out on him. Reading on I found out that he makes lists a lot – top five dream jobs, top five records of all time, etc etc. He was not a dream guy material; he had an affair when his girlfriend was pregnant, his record shop was not that successful and the only thing he seems to consistently care about was music. Nevertheless, Rob is endearing.

High Fidelity was told in first-person narrative, so I got a lot of insight into what was going on in his mind. It was funny, observant and real. He was honest and unpretentious, and I couldn’t help but to fall for this character who claimed that Laura wasn’t even on the most memorable split up list yet he just couldn’t let go of her.

After finishing the book, I did a Google search and found that there is a movie made based on this book, starring John Cusack as Rob. And whoa, Jack Black was cast as Barry and it is exactly how I pictured Barry in my head when I was reading it.

This is one of the few books which I would like to re-visit, and when I do, I would take down all the songs mentioned in the book and look them up. High Fidelity is not just about a guy who couldn’t move on; it reminds me what a relationship is really about, it reflects the culture at the time when it was written and it nudges me to re-examine my own passions.

There is also a review about this book in The Guardian.


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