Needed: Focus in My Reading Life

I have been starting so many books and leaving them halfway unread, that I am getting annoyed with this habit of mine. I was always tempted to start a certain book, and then couldn’t find the time or discipline to finish them before hopping to another book. There were at least six or seven books which were halfway read, lying around in the bedroom in various places. If I had my way, they would have been lying around in the living room and dining room as well.

So today with some spare five minutes after putting both babies to their afternoon nap, I tidied up the stacks of books. The outcome? Now I am focused to finish off two books before I start picking up any other – French Children Don’t Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman and Dr. James Dobson’s The Parenting Collection. To make it a point, I am also going to tidy up my Goodreads profile. The stack of monographs and textbooks for my research work is still there — well, that one is a different story.

There are also a few plans in the pipeline to “enhance” my reading life. More on that later.


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