The Beginning of A New Year… 2014

And so we are already in the second week of year 2014. As usual, I made my resolutions, but this time around I started working on them since December 2013, just to see how far I could go and how realistic are those things which I told myself that I am going to accomplish. I know very well that some most of them would require determination (loads of it), discipline and a strategy on the implementation. Well, what’s the point of making resolutions if they do not push us forward, right?

One of the many things-to-do in my list is to read twelve books in this year 2014. I made this very same pledge last year (so not much of pushing forward here after all, eh?), but guess what, I only managed to do half of it. I picked the number twelve for obvious reasons – one book a month. However, even this minimal figure was too much for me. Sometimes I felt guilty for reading fiction when I should be poring over the required reading of journal papers for my PhD programme. At other times I just couldn’t find the time to pick up a book at all. But I came to realize that I need to read (fiction, non-fiction, whatever) just to clear up my head and finding the time is just a matter of wisdom in time management. Therefore, here it goes again — (at least) twelve books this year. And to make things slightly more interesting, I hope to write more bookish stuff and more often in this blog as well as to read more good book blogs. I participated in a couple of reading challenges last year, but I couldn’t catch up and ended up feeling miserable for not being able to join in the discussions. So no more reading challenges, but just compiling a wishlist of good books.

So here’s a cheers to a year of reading, writing and contemplating.


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