Reading Jeffrey Archer: Shall We Tell The President?

I have not read a thriller for a long, long time. I forgot how it feels to be reading one page of a book and being gripped to know what is going to happen next. I forgot how it feels like to be pondering about what is going to happen next to the characters in the book even after I have put it down for a break from reading. Indeed, those are good feelings and such feelings are those which re-kindled my love for reading when I felt dry and uncertain of what to read next.

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I was prompted to pick up Jeffrey Archer’s books when I saw an article about his latest work in The Star. His work received such good acclamation that I felt I must give it a try, although I wasn’t a big fan of political thrillers. After all, I am not extremely familiar with America’s political system so I thought that I may not find the thriller very thrilling. Well, I am glad that the book which I read proved me wrong.

Browsing the shelves of the neighbourhood book rental shop, I found Archer’s Shall We Tell The President?. I was looking for Kane and Abel, a book which was specifically mentioned in the aforementioned article, but it was not available. I settled for the one which I thought would make a good introduction to this author’s work. I was spellbound from the first page. I finished the book within four days, a feat which I have not been able to accomplish ever since I started reading literary works (yes, yes, I admit that I am not that literary).

In Shall We Tell The President?, Florentyna Kane has been elected as the President of USA, the first woman to ever hold this position. Top in her list of priorities is to impose the Gun Control Bill, and this invited the wrath of those in the arms and weapons industry. Thus begin a plot to assassinate her, masterminded by ‘The Chairman’ and among those involved is one of her very own Senators. The thrill in the story is that there is only one person who knows about the plot and when it will be executed, a young FBI agent Mark Andrews, and he has only six days to find out the who, where and how. Every person becomes a suspect, and every minute counts.

Truly a page-turner, and Archer has a way of writing which makes his readers feel like they are part of the story. I was putting the pieces of the puzzle together with Andrews as I turn the pages of the book. A master story-teller, indeed.

Postscript: As I am writing this post, I found out that Shall We Tell The President? is actually the last book of the Kane and Abel trilogy. The Prodigal Daughter is the sequel to Kane and Abel.


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