A Book In The Letterbox

There was a book, wrapped in a brown paper envelope, addressed to me, sitting in the letterbox yesterday! I was so thrilled by the idea of having a book posted to me that I temporarily forgot all about my lack of sleep and the stress of not having solved that programming problem for my PhD-in-progress.

I signed up for a complimentary copy of a daily devotional book weeks ago at church. At that time I also bought a book on Christian character (which I have yet to unwrap. Guilty as charged for being a book hoarder!). The person-in-charge promised that the free(!) book will be posted to me in due time, but I completely forgot about it. When I saw a package addressed to me sitting on the living room table, for a while I thought that it was some random mail order catalogue. It was only when I turned over the package and saw the return address that I recalled my request for the book.

This is my first time receiving a book via post, and somehow it made me feel excited. Maybe it’s the novelty of the idea; something other than the usual credit card statements and bills in the post for me. Maybe it’s the thought that someone took the trouble to wrap up the book, put it in the envelope, pasted six pieces of stamps and went out to post this book. Think about the process as compared to just attaching a PDF version of the book to an e-mail and click ‘send’. Yes, that’s why I believe that in certain situations snail mail should not be replaced by e-mail.

Perhaps I should consider ordering some books from Amazon, just for the thrill that it gives me.


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