Rushing to Finish A Book

Is it right to rush through a book so that I can finish it a desired time frame?

I have been reading this book for months, and honestly speaking, I don’t really enjoy this love story which spans half a century. I am reading it simply because it is on the books-to-read-before-you-die (which brings me to another question; is it right to read a book simply because it is on a to-read list?). I have 60 more pages to go, and I am now literally browsing through the pages just to get it to the end, so that I could move on to another book.

This is against my philosophy that reading should be enjoyable and the process of digesting the words and sentences should be savoured. I should be able to get something out of my reading of every book… but I suppose this book would prove to be an exception for me.

Now I just hope that I will be able to finish the 60 pages tonight.


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