Read in September : Picture of Dorian Gray

I was very ambitious when I posted a picture of the pile of books which I wanted to read between August and September on my Facebook account. I knew that it would be unlikely for me to be able to finish that pile, but I posted nevertheless just to hold myself accountable.

True enough, I only managed to finish reading one book in September, and that one wasn’t even in that pile for I read it on my iPad.

I was reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde while tucking the baby into bed. Last month, I would sit next to his cot, patting and humming Brahm’s The Cradle Song to him while waiting for him to doze off. And while patting and humming, I did some reading too. Yep, that was how I managed to finish that one book.

I find Dorian Gray a dark story, and somehow the relationships in the book do not feel right. It was also unsettling to think that our looks reflect the state of our soul.

Do you believe that cruelty, greed and worry all leave a mark on our faces, in one way or another? I dread looking at the mirror and to think that those wrinkles and crow’s feet are not just simply signs of ageing.





2 thoughts on “Read in September : Picture of Dorian Gray

  1. hmm think I’ll put this on my reading list. I do believe that characteristics leave their mark, most noticeable in old age, a good nice person will be far more attractive than a nasty type, character becomes carved in features. Didn’t know this was an aspect of the book

    1. Yes, I agree that our outlook and attitude will eventually leave a mark on our looks. The book explores the thought provoking idea of trading up our looks for our soul. I found the conversations in the book a tad too long, but I hope that you’ll enjoy it nevertheless.

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