The To Read List : Done

Earlier this month I blogged about compiling the ultimate list of books to be read, after being inspired by blog posts of a similar theme.

After going through several websites such as The Telegraph UK, The Time, The New York Times and some well-written blogs, I came up with my very own list. Guess what… the list came up with a whopping number of over 1000 titles, and this excludes one particularly long list which I have yet to have the heart to go through.

I have actually read some of the books in the list, but I thought that I should re-visit them especially if I had not found them to be worthwhile back then. Will I ever be able to finish all of them? I doubt so, but I believe in reading as an enjoyment and not as a chore or simply a task to be fulfilled.

As the list is simply too long, I will not be publishing it here. However, I will be blogging on the updates of my progress as a means to keep me going. After all, reading WordPress blogs have somehow motivated me to start reading seriously (or seriously reading?) again.

The stack of books which I am reading now. This stack is sitting on my table… there is another stack next to my bed.

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