People Watching and A New Book

When I was younger, my parents would bring me to shopping malls on weekends to do our weekly shopping and those outings were also sort of a family bonding time. When my two then tiny feet got tired from all the walking, we would sit down on the benches provided by the malls’ management and I would just simply stare … at people passing by in front of me. I could sit there and just observe people from all walks of life. It was from there that I learned fashion no-no’s (there was no fashion magazines at home) and figured out the difference that make-up and hairstyles could make.

Fast forward to today, I was waiting for the husband when I sat down on a bench at one of the local shopping malls, with Ian in his stroller next to me. I sat there and amused myself by watching people instead of checking my Facebook. Ian entertained himself by doing the same… watching people passing by him although I wasn’t sure if he shared the same thoughts as mine. It was interesting to see that nothing much has changed since twenty years ago. There were still shoppers who dressed as if they were going to bed. There were still ladies who looked distressed for some reason. There were those who wore too much make-up (I even saw a male with make-up!), no make-up, men in shorts, men in slippers, men with hats…

By the way, I bought a new book yesterday when we were checking out a new shopping mall. I picked up The Complete Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen because I figured out that I should stop reading Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Ian because the content is getting age inappropriate for him.






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