Books To Read – Preparing the List

I love lists. I love to read. So when I combine the two of them, I love to read books which made it to the lists. Specifically, the list of 100 books to read.

There are many of these lists out there. Some of them go by the year, some are supposed to be the top 100 of all time. I used to browse through these lists, taking note of those which I have read before but it never occurred to me to get hold of those which I have yet to lay my eyes on. Until yesterday, when I read Deborah Reeves’ blog and it went “ka-ching” in my head. Why haven’t I thought of consolidating these lists and make one of my own? This would prevent me from blindly shopping for books (which have resulted in my ever-growing library of books-which-I-bought-on-an-impulse) and will make my library look more, well, intelligent.

I am still working on the compilation, and I hope to get it done by end of the month. It is not supposed to be that much of a hard work, but this task is unfortunately the newest addition to my list of to-do’s. Which means that I am supposed to first attend to the ones before it, unless I couldn’t resist the temptation to work on it every now and then. The mere thought of this list is making me all excited.

Some of the books on my shelves, waiting to be read

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