It’s A Lipstick Jungle Out There

Victory stepped out, followed by Wendy. Nico paused at the door, and seeing her friends in a hazy halo of snow, suddenly realized she was happy. This happiness swooped over her like an exultant bird. It caught in her throat and broke free in a gasp of surprise.

Wendy raised her glass. “To us,” she said, and peering over the view into the midtown skyscrapers, added, “You know what they say. It’s a jungle out there.”

“No, girls,” Nico said, walking forward. She opened her arms, as if to encompass the city in her embrace. “It’s a Lipstick Jungle.”

The above quote is the last few paragraphs from Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell. Bushnell is well known for her other work – Sex and the City, which I have yet to read.

I find Lipstick Jungle to have quite a number of worthwhile quotes, especially some of its insights on women and their success. However, I must say that I personally do not agree to some of the values subscribed by the protagonists. There was also a hint of fairy tale in the plot, but that is what makes me look forward to some of its pages.

Usually I use chic lit as a getaway from heavier reading, of which at the moment is Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love In the Time of Cholera.


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