The Jane Austen Book Club

I am a fan of classics in English literature, although I have only managed to finish reading A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I tried Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, but it was too voluminous to be finished in one sitting.

The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler is a some sort of a tribute to the works of Jane Austen, undeniably one of the notable authors in English literature. I bought the book because I was attracted to its title, and I personally like the themes behind Austen’s works despite having finishing only half of Pride and Prejudice. I possess four of Austen’s books: Pride and Prejudice and Emma in hard copy and Sense and Sensibility in my iBooks.

Fowler’s book tells the stories of six individuals who got together every month to discuss about Austen’s books. Jocelyn, Sylvia, Prudie, Bernadette, Allegra and Grigg have their own stories to tell and I got to read about their past and how it brought them to come together in the present. The plot is simple, the lives of the characters are believable and I suppose that Austen fans who have read her works would be able to follow through the stories better.

To me, the book is light enough to be finished within two weeks (hence giving me a sense of accomplishment), and informative enough in its exploration of Austen’s works. It has also been made into a movie.

If you are planning to know Austen better, or to browse her books (it’s free!), click here.


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