The Help

Ever had a maid? Are you one of those who feels that the maid shouldn’t share the same bathroom with you and does not eat together with her? Do you prepare a separate set of cutleries for your domestic helper?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett narrates how it is like to be in the town of Jackson, Mississipi in the 1960s. The book discusses racial issues, social strata and at the bottom of it all, our humanity. Not all “whites” are portrayed as heartless with-nothing-better-to-do women, and not all “blacks” are as what they appear to be. Some of the issues are still prevalent today; access to education, domestic abuse and gender discrimination.

The characters of the book are so well-portrayed that I couldn’t stop reading it. I admire Aibileen’s strength and passion for writing, Minny’s frankness and guts and Skeeter’s courage and determination. Every character is in the book for a reason for they represent the many individuals which we encounter in our lives.

This book is definitely readable, and worth a read. Watch the clip below for the official trailer of the movie which is (of course) based on the book.


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