The Editor’s Wife

I picked up The Editor’s Wife by Clare Chambers from the University of Malaya library, when I was browsing the shelves for something light to read. After so long, this is a book which I managed to finish almost half in one sitting. It took me less than a week to finish the whole book. I read it while passing¬†lazy afternoons, as I was waiting for my car to be fixed at the service centre and before I went to bed.

Chambers’ way of story-telling is direct, yet beautiful. Her style reminds me of those novels which are easy to read, yet not superficial. She has a way of drawing me into the world of her characters, While reading the book, I could easily imagine the streets of London in the 80s and the Yorkshire countryside 20 years later. The storyline is not draggy, although I do not find it as funny as the reviews on the book jacket says.

The Editor’s Wife tells the story of Christopher Flinders, who lives in the countryside and was recently laid off. A visit from an academic, Alex Canning who is researching on the life of Owen Goddard, an editor who made Flinders’ dream of publishing his own novel possible, brought us to Flinders’ past.

The story tells of how events unfold simply due to its timing and how our words and deeds affect others although we may least realize it.


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