Just Read: Before I Forget by Melissa Hill

I seldom buy books of the chic lit genre. I enjoy the light reading, but I do not think that they are worth my RM40 or so and it is unlikely that I will re-read them. The two chic lit books which I have ever bought was Lauren Weisberger’s Everyone Worth Knowing and Melissa Hill’s Before I Forget. I bought the former after being impressed by The Devil Wears Prada and it was on a good deal in a warehouse sale. As for the latter, the blurp seems interesting and worth reading enough, not to mention that it was on a bargain.

As expected, the book is light reading without requiring to think much, and it gives you that feel good feeling at the end of it which makes you go “Awww…” (if you are a fan of chic lit in the first place. Otherwise you’ll just find it intellectually unchallenging.) Any books with a dog or the mention of New York in it would be able to keep me going, and this one has both.

Criticism aside, Before I Forget did help me to pick up my reading again after a long pause. Should you read it? Well, if you are looking for something just to pass time and you are not ready for those deep thought provoking stuff. Is it worth your time? I always believe that reading a book can never be a waste of time. After all, if someone finds it worthy to be published, there must be some value in it, right?


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