For Me, For You

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

– John F Kennedy

Reading Hillary Clinton’s biography “A Woman in Charge” has enabled me to learn about American politics, a subject which I have never been properly exposed to and was never seriously interested in. I knew about the headlines, but not into the details of this far-away country. Before reading this book, I knew who Bill Clinton and George Bush is, but not Richard Nixon or Jimmy Carter. And there were many other details of American politics, socio-economic issues as well as personalities which were mentioned in the book although I paid attention only to a few.

My first encounter with the quote above was elsewhere, but it has always strike a deep note in me. An ex-colleague has once shared a similar notion with me, his version being “Ask not how the university ranking can benefit you, but how you can contribute to elevate the university’s ranking.”

However, a common question being asked nowadays is, “What’s in store for me?” I am not going into the causes and origins of such mentality, but it is prevalent. Another school of thought which challenges the individual comfort zones and pushes personal and societal achievement boundaries is emerging, and it asks the question, “What could I be doing better and cause a whole paradigm shift?”

If we are to adopt and adapt this quote in every area of our lives, what do you think the impact would be?


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