Reads and Beats: A Beautiful Rabbit Year

Reads and Beats is back today after the Chinese New Year break.

Reads: Rabbit Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington

Since this year is the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac, I have purposely chosen a book which is related to rabbits to commemorate this first Reads and Beats post of the carrot-munching-bunny-year. The book which I chose is Rabbit Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington. This true story has been made into a movie of the same title in 2002.

The essence of the story is about three girls, Gracie, Molly and Daisy who are of mixed parentage (white fathers, Aboriginal mothers) and their brave escape back to their homes after being involuntarily brought to the Moore River Native Settlement. I am inspired by the courage and determination of the girls, although I have to admit that I didn’t manage to finish the whole book. The inclusion of a number of aboriginal words in the text made it difficult for me to relate, and a lot of the terms I do not understand. Nevertheless, the book is worth at least a quick read especially for those who are not aware of Australia’s history, or those of us who have forgotten how to fight for our rights and liberty.

Beats: Beauty in the World by Macy Gray

The first time I listen to Macy Gray was about ten years ago when she sang “I Try”. I was able to immediately recognize her unique voice when the radio played her latest song, Beauty in the World. It is not as popular as it should be, but I fell in love with this song immediately. The tune is catchy, the lyrics are meaningful to life (an uplifting contrast from the usual heartbreaks, bitter revenge, swearing or just mindless feel good babbling) and of course, the none-other-than-Macy Gray voice.

So yep, let’s sing to a beautiful rabbit world year ahead.

P. S. The author must stress here that the definition of “beautiful” is subject to personal interpretations.


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