Recent Reads

Just a quick update on what I have finished reading for this past couple of months.

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

The only other book by Dickens which I have read was A Tale of Two Cities, which I truly enjoyed and would like re-read, given the time and space. I decided to read A Christmas Carol after watching the movie (featuring Jim Carrey) and found it meaningful. A colleague of mine kindly lent me her copy since I had a hunch that it is unlikely I would read this book twice.

A Christmas Carol warns us of the danger of being too caught up in our chase of worldly things and living in a false sense of security through the pursuit of wealth and possessions. The loss of relationships and the capability of being compassionate is not as sad as the loss of self. This book is timeless – as long as the pursuit of monetary gains exist, this story will always be relevant.

Letters to Sam by Daniel Gottlieb

This is one of the easiest books to read. I finished the whole book within two days. Hey, there are some books which took me two years to read. Anyways, Letters to Sam is a story about love, loss and the gifts of life. Often we measure our life by our capabilities, but this book reminds us that there are more than to life than just efficiency, conventional intelligence and adeptness and this thing which we call productivity. It takes the reader to view each person as an individual, not just an element belonging to a category. It is easy for us to categorize – he’s intelligence, she’s pretty, he’s rude, she’s slow… but there is more beyond what we see. This book tells a story which urges its readers that we have to stop labelling people and learn to perceive beyond the classifications.


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