No Place Like Home

How would you feel if you have been living a life which is not really your own?

How would you feel if you have been accused of committing a crime which you didn’t – yet you couldn’t recall enough facts to defend yourself?

How would you feel if you know that you are being framed, yet the only way you could defend yourself will not work?

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Helpless, scared, determined – that’s the character of Liza Barton, also known as Celia Nolan in Mary Higgin Clark’s No Place Like Home. This is the first time that I read Clark’s books and this one didn’t disappoint me. The book discussed the helplesness of a 10-year-old daughter witnessing the death of her mom, the strength of a 34-year-old mother protecting her only son and the trust of a wife towards her husband. All these embedded in one woman.

Flipping through the pages brings me on a journey to understand the thoughts which went through the different characters – protagonist Liza Barton a.k.a. Celia Nolan, Morris County prosecutor Jeff MacKingsley, nosy neighbour Marcella, arrogant detective Paul Walsh, real estate (also murder victim) Georgette Grove and landscaper (another murder victim) Charley Hatch. The ending proved to be a surprise to me and goes according to the saying that the person closest to you could be the one who is betraying you.

The places which are mentioned in this book included Mendham, New Jersey and New York. A quick search in Wikipedia confirmed that St Joseph’s School mentioned in the book which Jack Foster attended do exist.


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