Change of Heart

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I finished reading Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart around two weeks ago. This book was a birthday present from a friend whom I share something in common with me – the (getting) rare passion for books. Before receiving this present, I was determined to finish up Chronicles of Narnia. Nevertheless, the temptation of wanting to know how the Gospel of Thomas is included in Change of Heart got the better of me.

I find that the book’s title could mean two things. It could be referring to physically changing hearts, as Shay Bourne, the carpenter who has been charged with the murder of a policeman and his stepdaughter insisted on donating his heart upon his execution to Claire Nealon, the daughter of the dead policeman.

Another perspective on the title could be on the change of our faith, which is a matter of the heart after all. Picoult posed some questions about organized religion, ethical issues revolving the capital punishment and of course, the truth and accuracy of what we believe whether religion-related or not. The questions (and their answers) could make us stronger in our faith, or it could make us question on the existence of truth. There was no definite answers in the end… only a room that is big and conducive enough for us to ponder for ourselves.

I also found a trailer on the book on YouTube… never knew that these things existed until today. Yeah, that’s how outdated I am. You get to hear Jodi Picoult’s voice in this trailer, and also a good summary on what to expect from the experience of reading this book.


One thought on “Change of Heart

  1. I think u should stop reading Jodi Picoult books… they are always sad and disturbing…. i think it’s good to read happy books with leave your heart feel happy, and sad 🙂

    But anyway, no one can stop what u want to read! Keep on reading and keep on enjoying what u read 😉

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