The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

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The Memory Keeper’s Daughter is undoubtedly one of the best novels that I have ever read. A story that spans 25 years, Kim Edwards explores the emotions and consequences of a regrettable decision.

This book began with Dr. David Henry and his wife, Norah Henry, a newly wed couple who are anticipating the birth of their children. The story opens with a tone which conveys to us the love and hope that the couple has for their future together. However, the tone changed slowly, yet abruptly when Norah delivered a pair of twins, one of them which David immediately recognized as a Down syndrome baby. David then made a decision which would haunt him for the rest of his life – he gave away his baby daughter, apparently to protect Norah from the hurt and pain which David had witnessed in his own secret past.

Consequently, living with a secret in between them, Norah and David’s relationship began to fall apart and Norah suffered from what is to be known as depression. Also central to the story is the character of Caroline Gill, the nurse who raised David’s daughter despite being told to give her away.

The story ended with some unexpected twist to some of its characters. After all, there is nothing predictable with the storyline.


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