Of Genealogy and Family Tree

Image linked from www.classicbookshop.com
Image linked from http://www.classicbookshop.com

Do you know your family tree? Do you really know your ancestry? Would it matter if you are not whom you think you are? What would define you as a person – your race, your family, your values or your religion?

These are some of the issues which were explored by Barbara Delinsky in Family Tree. Dana Clarke is married to Hugh, a lawyer from Boston who has his ancestry traced and well-documented. Thus, when Dana gave birth to a baby girl who does not testify to Hugh’s lineage, questions arise and relationships are at stake. From suspicions of an affair to doubts on their marriage, Dana and Hugh went through difficult and challenging times to seek answers to questions that they never knew existed. As the book unravels, we get to know family secrets and the importance of trust and interdependence within a married couple.

Well-written and thought-provoking, this book is worth a read for those who are interested in family values and thinks that homogeneity in a family tree is a must.

Place to note: Boston

Quote to note from the book:

Dropped stitches could be picked up, an ill-fitting sweater could be reknit, a bad skein of yarn exchanged. Words were something else. Once said, they couldn’t be taken back. (page 94)


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