Life as a Writer

I stumbled upon this interview with Jodi Picoult in Having read two of her books (My Sister’s Keeper and The Perfect Match), she is currently somewhere at the top of my list of favourite authors.

I find certain parts of the interview interesting and I’d like to add some comments before quoting the interview.

Her writing routine is certainly my dream routine… to finish work at 3.30pm!

Do you have a writing routine?
At 5am I go for a walk with a friend. The kids leave for school at 7.30am and I start work. I answer my fan mail for about an hour. Then I edit yesterday’s work before I begin writing. I work until 3.30pm, when I start being a mum again.

I think that she was talking about The Perfect Match when she answered the following question.

What is the hardest thing to write about?
Horrible things happening to children the same age as mine.

And the following is really the voice of my heart. I used to be so frustrated when I couldn’t understand why other people couldn’t put in as much as effort as I had. But I had come to realize that we all have different personalities, and this is how the world goes round. Therefore I have revised my expectations on others and began to appreciate people for who they are, instead of what I want them to be.

What are you like to live with?
I’m a perfectionist. I give my all and so I get frustrated if other people don’t give theirs.


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