The Perfect Match

I am a fan of Jodi Picoult ever since I read My Sister’s Keeper. I find her writings very relevant and they cover the emotions of their characters in ways that I could not possibly have felt without reading her book.

The Perfect Match is a story about the lives that were overturned when a person decided to commit a selfish and irresponsible act. The story is a page turner which brings us to experience the pain and dilemma that one suffers when a loved one is hurt. Grief, remorse and the need to protect comes in a package when Nina found out that her son, Nathaniel has been sexually abused. To complicate things, what appears as evidence is not what it seems to be, and the person who appears to be guilty is actually the most innocent of all.

Perhaps the storyline reflects life, where sometimes it can be difficult to draw the line between black and white.


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